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23 GM 808 Batting Gloves

From £48.60 to £57.60

RRP: £64.00

Junior L/H
14 days
Junior R/H
14 days
Youth L/H
14 days
Youth R/H
14 days
Small Adult L/H
14 days
Small Adult R/H
14 days
Adult L/H
14 days
Adult R/H
14 days
Large Adult L/H
14 days
Large Adult R/H
14 days
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Product Code: GM6766


2023 GM 808 Batting Gloves

Combining expert design and high-quality materials, the GM 2023 batting glove range represents great value for cricketers of all abilities. Enhanced protection, comfort, range of motion and fit combine with an attractive appearance to give players the confidence they need to not only play well but look good too.

0.48 kg
Calf Leather Palm
PU Back of Hand
HD Foam & Fibre Overlaps with Raw Cotton Finger Rolls
HD Foam Back of Hand Filling
Multi Section Back of Hand
Soft-Fill Comfort
Comfort Lining
Two-Piece Thumb
Side Bar Protection
Double Sided Sweatband.

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(Height from wrist to top of middle finger)

Large Adult - height:22cm width:12cm
Adult - height:20.75cm width:11.25cm
Small Adult - height:19.5cm width:10.75cm
Extra Small Adult - height:19cm width:10.5cm
Youth - height:18.25cm width:10cm
Junior - height:17cm width:9.5cm
Sm Jun - height:15.75cm width:8.25cm
XSJ - height:14.5cm width:7cm