Qdos Calibre 5 Star Cricket Bat



Qdos Calibre 5 Star Cricket Bat

New Qdos Calibre 5 Star Cricket Bat.

Seasoned Grade 1 English Willow.

Hand made by master craftsmen using the Very finest hand selected Grade 1 English Willow grown in East Anglia.

Bowed blade creates larger hitting area and aids balance and pick up.

Exaggerated profile with Fuller Shoulders and extended spine.

Mid to Low sweet spot for more traditional English wickets.

Counter balanced Sarawak cane handle, Long Handle available upon request.

Each bat is meticulously created by our master bat makers with over 75 years experience between them.

Every bat is carefully pressed to ensure maximum performance, rebound, PING !

Bats are supplied with deluxe padded bat cover and anti-scuff sheet.

These bats are supplied Pre-knocked in, however we would recommend an initial knocking in period (30-40 mins) and initial use with an older ball.

Super Short Handle cricket bats are sized between junior Harrow size and adult short handle.

Super Short Handle cricket bats are ideal for adults of a smaller stature and teenagers that are not quite strong or tall enough to adopt a regular short handle cricket bat.

If your height is in that transitional phase,this cricket bat size could be right for you.



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